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Ang Kalupi by Benjamin Pascual

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Ang Kalupi is a Filipino Short Story written by Benjamin Pascual. A story with a valuable lesson that we have to learn. I will narrate the story based on what i remember since the last time i read it. i hope this may help you all a lot.


One morning, Aling Marta went to the market to buy some food that she will cook for the Graduation of her daughter. While on her way to the market, she bumped to a boy who was on a rush and said "Ano ka ba? ang liit na nga ng daraanan ay patakbo ka pang lumabas!", and the boy replied "Pasensya na kayo ale, nagmamadali ho kasi ako eh". and after that she proceed to the store of Aling Goryang to buy the ingredients of food that she will need but when she is going to pay for the ingredients she bought, she knew that her Pitaka/Kalupi (purse) is lost. she think of everything happened to her before she lost her kalupi and then remembered the she bumped into a boy and look for him thinking that the boy snatched the boy snatched her kalupi from her pocket. when she found the boy, she said that "Nakita rin kita! ikaw ang kumuha ng pitaka ko diba? wag ka magakaila!" and the boy said, "ano ho? di ko ho alam ang pitakang sinasabi niyo." . And due to her anger, she took the boy to the police and said that the boy is the one who get her kalupi. So the Police asked the boy who is already crying regarding his personal information and asked him if he really took the lady's purse and the boy still denied Aling Marta's accusation, then the police asked the boy if what he is doing in the market alone and the boy answered while crying "inutusan ho ako ng tiya (aunt) ko na bumili ng isda para iluto sa tanghalian namin". and then the police says that he will let the boy stay in the station to take some statements, due to the boy's fear, he ran away to the police and while running, he doesn't know that there was a fast car approaching which hit him hard. when the police and aling marta reached to the place where the boy laid down, the police checked him and said to aling marta, "Misis, wala na, patay na ho, patay na kumuha ng kalupi ninyo". With people surrounding the area, aling marta, was stunned at the boy who was already dead with so much blood, covered with newspaper, and she found out that she will be late for her daughter's graduation and rush back to
Aling goryang's store and asked her that she will pay all those ingredients when she get home and get money which aling goryang allowed her.When she is on her way home, her daughter and husband is looking at her while smiling, when she reached their house, her daughter asked her if where did she get the money to buy those food, and she said that she got the money from her purse, her Husband told her that she left her purse before leaving the house, because her husband said that he took Aling Marta's purse on the pocket of her dress to get some money to buy some tobaccos and forgot to put it back. And again her husband asked her if where did she get the money to buy those food and she was not able to answer. Aling Marta was stunned once again and remembered the look of the boy with so much blood while the police is covering him with newspaper while waiting for the ambulance which was due to her accusation to the boy because of his physical look which resulted into a worse result that she had never imagined.


What we have to learn in this story is that, we must not judge anyone just because of their physical appearance. Not all our naked eyes can see is the truth about someones appearance, sometimes we have to look more closer inside them to know the real personality they posses.


I narrated the story based on what i remembered since the last time i read it. if you have comments, reactions, or any corrections regarding the story, feel free to ask.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, Thank You.

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